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        Hi ,

        For our Product App Distribution, we understood the B2B approach and suggested to our clients. However, some of our clients were not able to move ahead with B2B approach since they are small companies and the number of users is less.

        Our clients are requesting an alternate approach for installing the App from the Apple APP Store / iTunes, instead of using B2B Approach. Due to the size of their organisation, they are also unable to use / register in DUNS.

        Since we are looking for an alternative approach to publish the APP to the organisations, we would like your team’s assistance to suggest an alternative approach instead of B2B.

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          Have you had any luck finding more information or solutions on this?  I'm in the same boat.  We have a wholesale business and the majority of our customers are very small stores with people that are not very good with technology.   We also can't put the app in the public App Store because it has products apple considered "objectionable".  (Nothing illegal, just they object to it). Plus we don't really want the app to be public anyway, its strictly a business only app for our retailers.