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        i am creating a iOS mobile app which have digital audio assets and there are list of that audio assets and that adds via server side. so i want to sell that digital audio assets via in-app purchase and add dynamically and sell dynamically.

        so how can i make in app purchase to work with multiple of these files so user can purchase 10 files or 5 files one by one using in app purchase

        this are not audio songs it's special digital assets and it's not something that can be sold on Apple Music.

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          You can create a consumable IAP like "credits".  YOu can sell those credits in packages of 1, 5, 10, etc.. The user purchaes credits in any quantity they want.  In your app you debit a credit for each file the user downloads.  You will be responsible for restoring the purchased files to other devices owned by the user even though the IAP is a 'consumable'.  Inform App REview that you are using a consumable IAP to enable this process but that the user can still restore the file through your apps mechanisms.