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        I have two Mac Minis: one running Xcode Server 10 (production) and one running Xcode Server 11 beta (development & testing)
        These two machines share a developer account only used for server-related things.


        Until this week, everything was moving smoothly on my Xcode 11b3 server, then I started having UI test failures.

        The tests don't even start, and the error seems to be related to Code Signing.


        Looking at my integration bot, under  Signing > Options > Developer Teams I see, multiple times a day, "Your server has been removed from this team and needs to be added again."

        "Allow Xcode SErver to manage my certificates and profiles" is checked ON.
        "Automatically register devices in my developer account" is checked ON.

        Code Signing for the project is set to (and has remained unchanged from) "Automatically manage signing"

        Last week, on Xcode 11b3, I had no problems. This issue appeared suddenly and *seemed* to coincide with the release of 11b4?
        But installing 11b4 yesterday did not resolve the issue.

        Anyone else having similar issues with Xcode 11b3 or 11b4?