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        my Controller View with pure Autolayout Constraints doesn't behave the same as compiled with xCode 10. If compiled with xCode 11 all the Views in the Controller are misalligned. It seems like all autolayout constraints are ignored.


        Tested in Simulator and Real device. It seems that the Version of iOS is not relevant.


        Does anyone has the same issues?

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          It turned out that some constraints were inconsistent. xCode 13 iniitialy detect them. I didnt pay attention to that.

          xCode repaired them by deleting. So thats the reason for wrong autolayout behaviour,


          They were inconsistent but needed for correct layout!

          I recreated the same constraints again.


          Now xCode 11 and 10 generates App with correct/same autolayout behaviour.


          I think thats a bug in xCode 11 inconsitency detection implementation. By detection they should alternativly offer to create the Constraints in a consistent way.