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        I've read the support article reported by Terminal (HT208050) but the article does not provide an explanation for why the change is being implemented.  I recall the tcsh to bash transition back in 10.3 and if I recall, the reasoning appeared to be the greater acceptance of bash in the  community beyond OS X (those were some bygone days).  But in those days, there was no a lot of prior work, solutions, and documentation built on OS X as it was still gaining acceptance.  But 12 operating systems have passed and significant tools and solutions exist in bash, especially in the Jamf community, I am curious to understand why the change is being implemented. 


        Obviously bash scripts will still run, and switching back is trivial.  Just wondering if someone could share the reasoning for the switch.  Is there a bash security or function concern that I've missed?  Does zsh have some innate superiority over bash?


        Again, this is really to satisfy my curiosity.  Appreciate any feedback.