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        My Xcode project has 29 storyboards and accompanying ViewController.swift files. The first ViewController file contains the code to create a SQLite database with table.


        The first storyboard has two data entry fields. All the other 28 have no more than 4 data entry fields. The last will complete adding records for the entire database.


        When I save data in the first storyboard I can use a FIND button to check if the data was saved and that is successful. But when I try to save the field data in the subsequent storyboards I get an error --

        2019-05-14 14:02:54.326097-0400 No Regrets[6223:1129345] [Common] _BSMachError: port 7703; (os/kern) invalid capability (0x14) "Unable to insert COPY_SEND"

        2019-05-14 14:03:12.007614-0400 No Regrets[6223:1129345] DB Error: 1 "no such table: decisions.db"

        2019-05-14 14:03:12.007838-0400 No Regrets[6223:1129345] DB Query: SELECT gain1 FROM decisions.db WHERE id = 1

        2019-05-14 14:03:12.008030-0400 No Regrets[6223:1129345] DB Path:

        Error: no such table: decisions.db


        I have done a lot of research but am unable to find a solution.


        Any help will be appreciated.