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        Disclaimer;  this is a cross platform tool that isn't being installed in the traditional manner; instead it's being launched directly out of an unzipped zip.  Tested on Mojave and Yosemite
        Language: C++
        Compiler: clang

        Built system: CMake


        Essentially,  a lot of times, after the app is unzipped and launched, say in ~/Downloads/myApp-R123/myapp.app ,  when I check to see what it thinks is the exe path is using _NSGetExecutablePath(); It'll report back that it's in a /private/var/folders prefixed path, as opposed to the anticpated ~/Downloads/myApp-R123.


        Where it first becomes interesting is if I move the unzipped folder to another locations (ie,  ~/random/myApp-R123 ) it will often then correctly report, but, the real twister is,  if I move it back to the ~/Downloads/myApp-R123  it remains working and reporting the correct/anticipated path.


        My question is; is there some manner of virtual filesystem going on here?

        If this is a vfs situation, Is there something in the Info.plist I can add to prevent that?  Is there a proper way to unzip to ensure it doesn't behave this way?