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        I am using swift under Xcode 10.2 and building to an iPhone Xs running iOS 12.2


        ARFaceAnchor.BlendShapeLocation browOuterUp* coefficients aren't being tracked and/or reported separately, left to right.  That is, there is nearly no difference in the reported value of browOuterUpLeft/browOuterUpRight at runtime, no matter waht the user's facial pose is.  I have tested this on four separate users who all have the ability to separately move their  eyebrows.  It appears to be getting the value from the left brow and reporting it as both left and right values.


        I am pulling and logging these coefficients from the ARFaceAnchor in the scene, during the SCNSceneRenderer render step.  All of the other left/right coefficient pairs show left-to right discrepancy corresponding to the user pose.


        I am wondering if anyone else can either confirm that these brow coefficients are indeed not being differentiated left to right, or if they can definitively report the ability to track them separately.  Would be great to have someone on the Apple ARKit team take a look as well, as this may be a fundamental bug.