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        My application is simple AR application for a company which showcase their mechanical products and their working in Augmented Reality.

        They need application for showing their staff and engineers their product and its working in AR as well as they want their customers/ clients to have look at it by downloading it from App Store.



        My app is rejected saying:


        Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality


        We noticed that your app’s main functionality is to market your service, with limited or no user-facing interactive features or functionality. Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements are not appropriate for the App Store.


        Next Steps


        We encourage you to review your app concept and work towards creating an app that offers customers an engaging and lasting experience that also meets the App Store’s high expectations for quality and functionality. For example, an app for a restaurant should offer more functionality beyond a standard mobile website that include its phone number, address, and hours. You should instead include functionality like table reservations, mobile ordering, etc. that do not currently exist on the mobile website.


        Apple Developer includes a variety of design and development resources. Download iOS templates from Apple UI Design Resources, learn more about crafting intuitive, well-designed apps with the Design Video collection, and review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines for best practices to follow when designing apps for the App Store.


            What should i do? Can anyone help me out? its my first app on AppStore.