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        Let's say I want to make an ios  social app where users can copy their own app download link, and this link can be used to send as a message in email to their friends. After it a friend use this link to install the app and register an account. And these two users: first user and his firend will be automatically set as a friends in app social network.


        I tried to find how to do it, and it seems that apple doesn't provide api for this. So the process when:

        - referral information can be tracked in a download app page link.

        - after installing referral information is passing to the installed app.


        is not possible. Is it right ?


        A reply from Apple representative would be extra valuable. Thank you for your help.

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          Do not expect to get a response from Apple representative on this forum.  It happens, but rarely.


          You cannot do what you want to do with one link.  You can include two links in that email generated by the first user and sent to the second user.  The first link links the second user to the app itself on the App Store.  The second link opens up the app itself on the second user's device and passes into the app on the second user's device the contact information from the first user.