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        Our app is now open to the store. This app controls the screen by calling back-end APIS. I'm facing a problem when I update this app. We don't know how to solve this problem. Would you advise me?


        When updating your app, modify both the "application file" and "backend API". What we are thinking about now is the following assumptions.

        1. Currently, the app (app 1.0) that is open to the store is connected to the backend A by the API.
        2. New app (App 2.0) works properly by connecting with backend B in development.
        3. The "App 1, 0" and "app 2, 0" use the same API.
        4. When updating, change the destination of the API from "backend A" to "Back end B".
        5. The combination of "app 1.0" and "backend B" does not work correctly, so encourage users to update from the store.


        However, the above assumptions cause the following issues during the store review:

        1. If the API is connected to "backend A", the "app 2.0" that is being reviewed does not work properly.
        2. If the API is connected to "backend B" ⇒ "App 1.0" in the public does not work properly, there is no "app 2.0" in the store.


        Can you give me advice on how to operate?

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          KMT Level 9 Level 9 (14,185 points)

          In the case of what to do during review, you can mention those same details via that app's meta data note field.


          As well, a short demo video that the review team can check w/backend B in action can spare you from juggling and upsetting app 1.0 users...simply upload that video where review can find it, adding a link to the note. The demo video has the added benefit of working as an app 2.0 Preview video in the store via meta data.

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            john daniel Level 3 Level 3 (380 points)

            Easy solution. Run backend A and backend B. In fact, you don't have any option. No one is obligated to update. If you break app 1.0, they will leave 1-star reviews of your app and you won't have many users of app 2.0.