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        Hi there,

        we have a problem when building our AR app and testing on iPhone 6s and 7, both running on iOS12.1. The App is built in Unity 2018.3.11, XCode 10.1 and ARKIt 1.5 as image Anchors are not supported in 2.0. A setup with 35 Image Anchors is connected to 35 video files that shall play when detected. All was fine when using up to 10 Image Anchors, when using more, the device's camera freezes while an Image is detected and gets slow beyond functioning. The only way the setup works is with an iPhone X. Also tried Unity 2019.1.0b8, same problem. Could that be a processor performance issue? Any idea of a workaround? Thanks for help!

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          35 images is too many. You'll need to reduce the set.





          Performance Considerations


          Image detection accuracy and performance are reduced with larger numbers of detection images. For best results, use no more than around 25 images in this set.


          You can support a larger total number of detection images by changing which set of images is active for detection over time. For example, an app that identifies paintings in an art museum might limit the set of detection images based on which area of the museum the user is currently in (after using Core Location to locate the user within the museum).


          To detect a different set of images without otherwise affecting the session, call the session's run(_:options:) method with a configuration containing a different detectionImages set and no options.