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        Hi, i`m currently working with UIDocumentBrowserViewController, and i found something really weired.


        when user is using some buggy file provider app (like this one:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wps-office/id762263023?mt=8 , version 9.2.0), they may want to create new documents inside the cloud service provided by it, and then if the creation progress failed, the UIDocumentBrowserViewController will tell me something goes wrong, but itself will still show the newly created file which is failed to create so doesn't actually existing. i made a screen record of this issue.


        ScreenRecording_03-14-2019 18-09-31.MP4


        what i want is really simple: just don't show the new file if it's not existing. does any one know how can i achieve this ? what i only found so far is that if i change 'allowsDocumentCreation' to false, the wrong file will gone. however, user actually needs to create their file somewhere else if they failed this time, so i need to switch 'allowsDocumentCreation' to true after some seconds, but when i do so, the wrong file is back again. the only way to make UIDocumentBrowserViewController refresh as far as i know, is switch to another storage location and switch back, or switch the files sorting method and switch back, but i can't found any way to perform these operations from code.