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        I am working on an app in which users have to buy membership. If user buy a membership from my app then he can avail discounts on visting different resturants. I have read in documentation that for digital content In-App Purchases must be used and one can't use third party payment gateways or Credit card payments. In my scenario can i use third party payment gateways or in-app purchases is must. Please guide me.

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          It is a bit unclear.  It depends on whether you are selling the actual discount (a real world item) or selling the discount coupon (a digital item used within the app).  If you can reasonably claim to be selling the real world item then you can use third party payment systems.

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            If you want to use IAP, consider:

            Non-Renewing Subscription

            A product that allows users to purchase a service with a limited duration. The content of this in-app purchase can be static. This type of Subscription does not renew automatically. Example: One year subscription to a catalog of archived articles.


            ...define the 'service' as participation in a virtual club, as an example, where paid membership comes with enhanced features that includes discounts, notifications, ability to make reservations, etc.