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        Apple blocked an update for a personal database app citing the 5.1.1 guideline. The permission alert message ("Purpose String") was not changed but the latest update got multiple rejections because of it.


        ### Workflow


        User taps on an "Add Picture" button, and if the user specify "Camera" from an action sheet of sources (e.g. Photo Library, Paste from Clipboard), the app then tries to access the camera, and causes iOS to display a permission request alert.


        ### Permission Request Alert

        Here is the iOS standard alert **title**:

        > "[AppName]" Would Like to Access the Camera

        The initially approved developer-supplied **message** ("Purpose String"):

        > Camera will be used to take pictures to store in [AppName].

        -> Rejected.

        > Camera will be used to take pictures so that you can store them in [AppName].

        -> Rejected again.

        We did look at Apple's docs and also asked Apple for recommendations, but they just kept saying that the alert needs *"to specify why the app is requesting access to the user's camera."*


        ### Other Examples


        Similar apps have these accepted messages (some approved as recently as last week):

        Example 1:

        > Take photos and add them to records.

        Example 2:

        > Granting access will allow you to take photos and add them to attachment fields.

        Example 3:

        > Enable camera access to be able to take photos and videos then add them to your records.

        ### Your Recommendations?

        How do I make the message compliant? Did the rules recently got changed?

        I hope some kind soul could share some experience. Thank you!



        P.S. I am also trying on StackOverflow: