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        I created an In-App Purchase subscription feature in my app, but the receipt validation is not working properly. I would like to change a boolean based on the status of the purchase (e.g. subscription is active or subscription is expired). If the subscription is active I'd like to change bool to true and enable user button interaction, if expired, then change bool to false and deny button interaction.


        View did load code to set the bool:


        do {
                    try validateReceipt()
                    // The receipt is valid 
                    print("Receipt is valid")
                    UserDefaults.standard.set(true, forKey: "isSubbed")
                } catch ReceiptValidationError.receiptNotFound {
                    // There is no receipt on the device 
                    UserDefaults.standard.set(false, forKey: "isSubbed")
                } catch ReceiptValidationError.jsonResponseIsNotValid(let description) {
                    // unable to parse the json   
                } catch ReceiptValidationError.notBought {
                    // the subscription hasn't being purchased 
                    UserDefaults.standard.set(false, forKey: "isSubbed")
                } catch ReceiptValidationError.expired {
                    // the subscription is expired 
                    UserDefaults.standard.set(false, forKey: "isSubbed")
                } catch {
                    print("Unexpected error: \(error).")


        Here's some code for receipt validation:


        enum ReceiptValidationError: Error {
            case receiptNotFound
            case jsonResponseIsNotValid(description: String)
            case notBought
            case expired
        func validateReceipt() throws {
            guard let appStoreReceiptURL = Bundle.main.appStoreReceiptURL, FileManager.default.fileExists(atPath: appStoreReceiptURL.path) else {
                throw ReceiptValidationError.receiptNotFound
            let receiptData = try! Data(contentsOf: appStoreReceiptURL, options: .alwaysMapped)
            let receiptString = receiptData.base64EncodedString()
            let jsonObjectBody = ["receipt-data" : receiptString, "1111" : String()]
            #if DEBUG
            let url = URL(string: "https://sandbox.itunes.apple.com/verifyReceipt")!
        //    let url = URL(string: "https://buy.itunes.apple.com/verifyReceipt")!
            var request = URLRequest(url: url)
            request.httpMethod = "POST"
            request.httpBody = try! JSONSerialization.data(withJSONObject: jsonObjectBody, options: .prettyPrinted)
            let semaphore = DispatchSemaphore(value: 0)
            var validationError : ReceiptValidationError?
            let task = URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: request) { data, response, error in
                guard let data = data, let httpResponse = response as? HTTPURLResponse, error == nil, httpResponse.statusCode == 200 else {
                    validationError = ReceiptValidationError.jsonResponseIsNotValid(description: error?.localizedDescription ?? "")
                guard let jsonResponse = (try? JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: JSONSerialization.ReadingOptions.mutableContainers)) as? [AnyHashable: Any] else {
                    validationError = ReceiptValidationError.jsonResponseIsNotValid(description: "Unable to parse json")
                guard let expirationDate = self.expirationDate(jsonResponse: jsonResponse, forProductId: "com.test.UnlockTools.Subscription1") else {
                    validationError = ReceiptValidationError.notBought
                let currentDate = Date()
                if currentDate > expirationDate {
                    validationError = ReceiptValidationError.expired
            if let validationError = validationError {
                throw validationError
            func expirationDate(jsonResponse: [AnyHashable: Any], forProductId productId :String) -> Date? {
                guard let receiptInfo = (jsonResponse["latest_receipt_info"] as? [[AnyHashable: Any]]) else {
                    return nil
                let filteredReceipts = receiptInfo.filter{ return ($0["product_id"] as? String) == productId }
                guard let lastReceipt = filteredReceipts.last else {
                    return nil
                let formatter = DateFormatter()
                formatter.dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss VV"
                if let expiresString = lastReceipt["expires_date"] as? String {
                    return formatter.date(from: expiresString)
                return nil

        Currently the bool does not seem to change. Not sure the try and catch is working properly. I'll provide more code if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I assume you are sending teh receipt to Apple servers directly from the app and getting back something.  If that is correct, what are you getting back?  What do you do with that?

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            I completely changed my receipt validation code, and now use the SwiftyStoreKit Library for validation. Here's a small example of the code for the new validation method:


            func verifyPurchase(with id: String, sharedSecret: String, type: PurchaseType) {
                    let appleValidator = AppleReceiptValidator(service: .production, sharedSecret: sharedSecret)
                    SwiftyStoreKit.verifyReceipt(using: appleValidator) { result in
                        switch result {
                        case .success(let receipt):
                            // Verify the purchase of a Subscription
                            switch type {
                            case .autoRenewable:
                                let purchaseResult = SwiftyStoreKit.verifySubscription(
                                    ofType: .autoRenewable,
                                    productId: id,
                                    inReceipt: receipt)
                                switch purchaseResult {
                                case .purchased(let expiryDate):
                                    print("\(id) is valid until \(expiryDate)")
                                case .expired(let expiryDate):
                                    print("\(id) is expired since \(expiryDate)")
                                case .notPurchased:
                                    print("The user has never purchased \(id)")
                        case .error(let error):
                            print("Receipt verification failed: \(error)")

            This works.