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        I’m developing an app that load models from a server, the issue appears when I try to render models with lots of nodes, materials, geometries, etc, because when i try to render this kind of models I receive a failed assertion from metal, and it says that I exceeded the HW limits because I am working at memoryless mode.


        This failed assertion makes app crash and this behavior is something that I am trying to avoid. The failed assertion that appears at console is:


        -[MTLDebugRenderCommandEncoder initWithRenderCommandEncoder:parent:descriptor:]_block_invoke:811: failed assertion `Exceeded HW limit of resources used by render encoder working in Memoryless mode.'


        Is it possible to act on an error of this type to prevent the application from crash? Changing the rendering mode is it possible to avoid this? How could it be done?.


        PD: I'm using iPad 5th Gen, with A9.