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        Hi all,
        i have to add tags (text, images or links) to AR models in scene view. What i want to do is: Add a 3d model in scene view and add tags on it. i.e A camer 3d object is picked and i have to show tags on its power button, flash and lens etc. How can i add multiple tags in same object using AR2 ios12.
        Should i use sprite kit to add a view or there is other options available? If yes, how?
        I have read the AR1,2 documentation, watched videos and sample codes but couldn't find how to add tags and scale it to proper x,y,z axis.

        Kindly guide me about it if there is any documentation/ video/ sample code provided by apple.
        Waiting for your kind response.


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          There are several different ways that you could achieve your goal, but you need to make some design decisions before proceeding.


          1.  Do you want these "tags" to be readable and selectable from any distance?  If so, then you should use UIButtons and add your tags in Screen Space!


          2.  Do you want these "tags" to be displayed in perspective right on top of your model?  If so, then you should add nodes to your model with invisible hit boxes in the areas required.  Then upon tapping that area (detected via a hit test) you can display the appropriate tag.