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        My java app built for Mac uses the webcam or other attached usb cameras to encode videos. In Mojave the camera no longer loads, and permission to use the camera is never asked for. How do I get permission for my app to use the camera? We are shipping jre8 with our app and using JavaCV to access the cameras. Any help is much appreciated!!

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          I find myself in the same situation. I access the webcam with opencv but now opencv throws me the error:


          OpenCV: not authorized to capture video (status 0), requesting...
          OpenCV: can not spin main run loop from other thread, set OPENCV_AVFOUNDATION_SKIP_AUTH=1 to disable authorization request and perform it in your application.
          OpenCV: camera failed to properly initialize!


          I don't know how to request permissions from a .jar



          Did you find a solution?