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        As a parent I was so excited to hear about Screen Time, so much so that I upgraded my sons phone to iOS Beta 2 when it came out.

        As a parent I setup his access on my phone for his phone and set it so that he could not longer browse the web, watch YouTube etc after 10 PM at night.  As  before I would go in his room at night and he would be watching videos at 1 am.... (grr)

        Anyways Screen Time was a blessing until the other night when I heard him up at 1 am and went into his room and there he was watching videos on his phone.  For some reason Screen Time wasn't shutting of his app access at 10 PM like it was supposed to.

        I asked my son how he was able to get around screentime and he told me... (and I consider this a big bug!)

        When Screen Time kicks in and shuts his apps off, he goes into Settings > General > Date & Time and then turns off "Set Automatically" and then changes the time to a time which he is not restricted by Screen Time, which then unlocks all the apps again.

        I thought that was smart of him to figure that out and I have not found a way to restrict him from changing his date and time settings.

        Last night, again he was on his phone after bed time... and I caught him.  He said he found an easier way to defeat Screen Time, and he did that by setting the Time to 24 Hour Time, for some reason Screen Time does not understand 24 hour time.

        I hope this can be fixed by Apple, as if it can't it negates the entire reason for parents to have Screen Time.



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          Interesting feedback, thanks - be sure to file using the feedback assistant or the bug reporter link below, adding your report # to your thread for reference, good luck.

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            I, too, was excited about Screentime for my two teenage daughters.  I'm sure Screentime will continue to become more reliable as we progress through subsequent betas.  As parents, we've resorted to keeping their phones in our room at night.  We hope to not have to do this for much longer.

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              Another bug I found is on a family account (but over 13 years old) The teen can go into screentime settings and just click turn off screentime and it does NOT ask for the current password before turning off screentime (and canceling all restrictions in place) (I think I reported the bug properly # 43592092)

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                So you have a kid who is **** bent on using their phone, even after you have enabled screentime?

                Yes, this was very smart of your child and I feel for your missing or graying hair in trying to always stay a step ahead of your kiddo and their more advanced technical knowledge, this day and age!


                However, I offer you a solution now....just follow these EXACT steps...


                Update their device iOS to 12.4.1


                Turn off screentime


                Power phone off, then back on


                Set screentime back up


                Go into content & privacy restrictions/location services and scroll to the bottom and click

                on system services, turn the toggle off for setting time zone


                Close settings (important step to close this out completely)




                After these steps,

                when you relaunch settings/general/date and time, you will find they can no

                longer make changes other than toggle 24 hour clock on and off = problem