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        Does ATMOS playaback require DolbyVison?


        I'm testing with Onkyo TX-NR676 + BenQ HDR projector ( no DolbyVision)

        Atmos appears in settings menu. However playback on ATMOS titles is always 5.1

        I have tried both purchase ( Kong: Skull Island) and rented (Justice League).

        However I'm always seeing Muticahnel PCM 5.1 on Onkyo.



        The same input on onkyo works just fine with no-appleTV Atmos/HDR video sources.

        I wonder if Dolby Vision is required? iTunes, US/Seattle.


        Hopefully this forum is monitored by AppleTV or support team.




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          It seems to be content issue, possibly Apple pulled atmos streams for now?


          I can playback  Atmos in VUDU app,

          you need to make sure to select UHD playback in vUDU settings, that is off by default.

          also it seems a bit buggy. Rewind looses sounds sometimes, switching to other apps and back seems to restore it.

          also purrchase should be done via browser, VUDU app won’t allow it on appletv


          hope it helps!

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              When setting output to atmos, the format is switched to PCM.   This means that the output is locked and the atmos receiver can only play the number of channels recorded.  When going back to Dolby digital, atmos turned off, Dolby Output (bitstream).


              i can’t figure out how to select atmos and not Have PCM activated.  Any ideas

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              I have a Onkyo TX-NR656.  During Beta 2, I was able to view Dobly Atmos content.  Apple has seemed to pull the Atmos content back.  I'm not sure why.