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        This is really frustrating to me.


        No matter what I do, I can't get anything I scan with the ARKit Scanner app to actually be recognized at all. The app itself does a poor job of recognizing the objects it scans: I've tried with a white-with-black letters mug, a blue-with-white-letters bottle, a Cardboard 1.0 viewer, a green-piggies mug, and while the scanner tells me the objects were succesfully scanned, when testing, it *sometimes* works at the first try, then never again. The most frustrating thing about it is, I don't even *move* the scanned object... and it still does *not* recognize it on the test.


        Do we have some sort of bug in the iOS 12 Beta that is disallowing 3D object detection and tracking to work properly? Or is it just me? Anybody here lucky enough to have it working? Any ideas?