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        I am struggling to find out why my App ID won't update. I am trying to enable In-app purchase functionality to my App ID. When I click edit. the option to activate it is greyed out.


        In Xcode I click "Automatically manage signing"


        In Capabilities I go down to "In-app purchase" and enable it.


        It shows 2 check marks showing that it Linked "StoreKit.framework" and "Add the In-App Purchase feature to your app ID"


        For my other app, this enabled in-app-purchase instantly in my Certificates Identifiers and Profile's section in App ID's.

        But for this one. It will not change..


        I don't understand it. I can't delete my App ID either (to try to reset it with In-app-purchase enabled), as it says it's being used by the appstore. and I can't delete the app from my Itunes connect either.


        Perhaps a tech support can brute force enable it. Any Ideas?