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        Does anyone know offhand how to hide the camera feed while doing ARKit face tracking? I am working on an Animoji like app.


        I can't seem to figure it out from the demos and docs. 

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          bacchus_3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          I am exploring something like this too but seems like nobody has explored it yet? or was this discussed on different threads?

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            gchiste Apple Staff Apple Staff (150 points)

            You can simply set up an ARSession (no ARSCNView or ARSKView required), here is a small example which shows how you can set up your own ARSession and use its data outside of an ARSCNView:


            import ARKit
            class ViewController: UIViewController, ARSessionDelegate {
                let session = ARSession()
                override func viewDidLoad() {
                    session.delegate = self
                func session(_ session: ARSession, didAdd anchors: [ARAnchor]) {
                func session(_ session: ARSession, didUpdate anchors: [ARAnchor]) {
                    for anchor in anchors {
                        if let faceAnchor = anchor as? ARFaceAnchor {


            Of course, you probably want to render something with that data, so you could use a plain SCNView to do so.