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        I'm working with a team of developers, coordinating via git.


        For a while, as long as we were all using the same version of XCode, we were able to share Main.storyboard effectively.


        However, in XCode 6.3 and 6.4, if I open Main.storyboard in Interface Builder after a git pull, without making any changes to it, XCode automatically makes many changes. This makes it difficult to share Main.storyboard via git - there were over 100 automatic changes. 


        We use auto layout constraints extensively. Some of the constraints specify relative heights and widths. We're all configured to use  'Any, Any' in Interface Builder.


        The changes to the XML file that describes Main.storyboard are mostly in the sizes of frames - they differ by 0.5 to 1 pixel in one or two dimensions. Also, misplaced is set to 'yes' in many places.


        Any idea how to fix or work around this issue?