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        With the Apple Swifth UI Tutorials - Section 3 Customizing the Row Preview i am getting an error that occurs in every other subsequent part of the exercise.


        The error prevents me from seeing the Preview of the code in the viewer.


        The error is


        Compling failed: no type named 'LandmarkRow_Previews' in module Landmarks



        //  LandmarkRow.swift

        //  Landmarks


        //  Created by Richard Baker on 9/3/19.

        //  Copyright © 2019 Apple. All rights reserved.



        import SwiftUI


        struct LandmarkRow: View {

            var landmark: Landmark


            var body: some View {

                HStack {



                        .frame(width: 50, height:50)






        struct LandmarkRow_Previews: PreviewProvider {

            static var previews: some View {

                Group {

                    LandmarkRow(landmark: landmarkData[0])

                    LandmarkRow(landmark: landmarkData[1])


                    .previewLayout (.fixed(width:300, height:70))






        This error shows up in the next section of the Tuturial as well called Create the List of Landmarks.


        The code matches what I see displayed on the web site, so I don't really  know what is going on.


        I am on Catalina 10.15 Beta 7 and on Xcode 11 Beta 7