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        Profiling a blank application on iOS 12.2 and later always seems to contain memory leaks. We've detected lots of memory warnings in our public iOS app as well. This seems to be a problem with iOS's core frameworks. I've submitted a bug report for this issue here: https://bugreport.apple.com/web/?problemID=49962169 but no response from Apple. Has anyone else encountered this? Could it be a problem with Instruments?

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               >submitted a bug report


          I think the latest tools are more chatty w/iOS 12.x. If you think those warnings are actionable, however, your best approach might be to burn a ticket w/DTS via the Member Center, being sure to have a buildable project of your store app they can take a look at.

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            I am seeing the same exact problem.  My application makes use of MetalKit and AVAudioEngine for what it is worth.  The leaks began showing up in the tools after 12.2.  I can confirm that the same exact code running Leaks instrument will have zero leaks with iOS 12.1.2.  Under 12.2 and 12.3 many of the core frameworks appear to be leaking.  Appears that XCode 10.2 + iOS 12.2 or greater is an issue, noticed this thread: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/115120