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        Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi + TCP works great. Here's how we create our TCP connection:


        self.netService = [[NSNetService alloc] initWithDomain:domain type:protocol name:name port:self.port];
        self.netService.includesPeerToPeer = YES;
        [self.netService setDelegate:self];
        [self.netService publishWithOptions:NSNetServiceListenForConnections];


        But as explained in the documentation, NSNetServiceListenForConnections doens't work for an UDP connection: "The listener supports only TCP connections."


        Is there a way to enable Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi + UDP?

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          You might be able to get this to work by publishing a TCP service with both includesPeerToPeer and NSNetServiceListenForConnections and then, simultaneously, publishing a UDP service.  The published TCP service may be enough to triggered the necessary peer-to-peer Wi-Fi magic.

          However, even if this works it’s obviously less than ideal; I encourage you to file an enhancement request outlining your requirements and the support you’d like to the OS to provide.  Please post your bug number, just for the record.

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