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        Ever since I updated my iPhone 6 Plus to IOS 10 public beta 5 (never had issues before beta 5) the top of the screen randomly starts to flicker gray and progressively starts to trickle down to about halfway down.  Also during that time the touchscreen is completely unusable and will sometimes randomly select items or apps all by it self.  The home button and lock button still work.  I can however have Siri perform tasks for me (ex: send text, play music).  The only thing that seems to work is wait it out.  After the flickering stops, it takes about 1-2 mins for the touchscreen to active.  I've hard restarted several times and sometimes that will correct it right off the bat, but usually it will just resume to where it left off.  I just updated to IOS 10 public beta 6 and the problem still persists.  I've tried to screen shot the flickering but it does not capture it and the picture looks normal.  I've tried addressing this also through the Apple feedback app but they are just stuck in the outbox.  It's says they are compressing but they've been doing that for 3 plus days now.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!