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        I'm using PDFKIT framework in objective - C , to work with pdf documents in my iPad app. After adding 3 or more "INK" type annotations to the pdf and on zooming, the app terminates, giving a message "terminated due to memory issue". Even though the document size is very less and no other type of annotation is added, the app terminates on zooming after ink annotation is added.


        I have tried restricting the scale factor using maxscalefactor, But pdfview doesnot stop zooming once the maxscalefactor is reached. Pdfview keeps on zooming until pinch action is released and it is coming back to the maxscalefactor value ,once pinch is released. And the termination of app is occuring, while pinching itself (i.e. Before pdfview comes back to the max scale factor specified). So setting the max scale factor , auto scales or scale factor for size to fit is not helping.


        Please help me to solve this issue.


        Thanks in advance.