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        I need to get back to xcode 9.2 (I have 9.3 now), but how do I uninstall/delete my current version of xcode?

        I have tried moving the icon to trashcan, but it just flies back to its original position.


        I also tried About This Mac > Window > Storage Management > Applications , & then tried deleting it there. A popup asked me if I really wanted to perform uninstall, then nothing happened...


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          Same here. Mac OS and Xcode automatically upgrade for me while I let the laptop on overnight charging.

          But our company project use Xcode 9.2, I notice 9.3 created a new xc... file. I don't want to create extra project files from my side and contaminate the code base. Also I'll need to recompile the some of the Pod.

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            Finder Menu > Go > Applications, drag Xcode to trash.  Remember that Xcode 9.3 introduced a new project file format.  If you created a new project in 9.3, or opened on older project and changed the Project Format setting in the Project File Inspector screen to "Xcode 9.3-compatible", you won't be able to open it in Xocde 9.2 or earlier.