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        First time developer, and we've found ouselves painted into a corner.


        We have an Arkit app that required Arkit on the consumers device. However last week (and part of the week before) there was a bug (in itunes connect?) that told us all our new IPad Pro's couldn't run ARkit so we couldn't download and test the app through flightest internally. So we could fix this, we removed the ARkit requirement and everything worked. We released the app on Tuesday, without ARkit requirement since it wouldn't work on any of our Akit devices. Fast forward to Friday March 30th, the Arkit reuiqment through FlightTest is now working as normal. We attempted to add the ARkit reuiqrement back on to the download and it says we can't upload a more restrictive build: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/qa/qa1623/_index.html


        Our App is ONLY an Arkit app and has no other functionality. Since it was an issue with Itunes/Flighttest is there any way to get around this other than creating a new app?


        Thank you!