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        I have an app that has been in the app store for a long time with a QR code, but my most recent update got rejected, and I don't know why. Here are the details:


        1. My app is free to use, I don't have in-app purchases

        2. My users are anonymous, there is no login or signup

        3. The users enter data into the app, specifically their trades ( we're a portfolio tracker, but we don't touch any of the money, purely informational )


        So - what happens if a user buys a new phone? How do they save or transfer their data to the new phone? We implemented a QR code where they can scan it from their new device, and we'll move over all of their data to the new device.


        Why is this not allowed? Is Apple confused about my functionality? It's the user's data, they own it - I don't understand why all of the sudden the app is getting rejected. If I don't use a QR code to allow the user to move their data, how should we do it? Should we force the user to just always use the same phone....that *****.....