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        In the Certificate Creation Guide included with the FPS Deployment Package, several methods are described for generating a CSR. However, the specifics of the fields included are not described. O and OU seem relatively straightforward, however are there any requirements on the CN (Common Name) field? For an SSL CSR, this would be required to match exactly the domain name being secured, however in the context of FPS it's not obvious if there is a similar requirement. Is this field simply ignored, and can be anything? Are any other fields required, such as C, ST, or L?

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          Hi Hruntio,


          Looking at the certificates I have Common Name contains the "O" from the CSR prefixed by the string "FairPlay Streaming:" which is probably put there by Apple. What I'm certain about is that the original CSR's CN field was not a domain name.

          I might be wrong but it seems that only CN and O are relevant. Or maybe even O alone.