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        does anyone know what the format of the SBIX table entries of the AppleColorEmoji font is?

        According to the docs https://developer.apple.com/fonts/TrueType-Reference-Manual/RM06/Chap6sbix.html

        the only values for the 'graphicType' table member can be 'jpeg', 'png', 'pdf' or 'tiff'.


        However, when going through the SBIX table of the AppleColorEmoji font the graphicsType has the value 'emjc'.

        If I dump the data of an entry, I can see the lzfse header, so I guess it's a compressed format. I tried uncompressing the data with the lzfse open source library https://github.com/lzfse/lzfse but that didn't work.


        Anybody else here might know something?