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        Hello all,


        I'm having issues with the boogiebot lesson of the the App Development Curriculum. Right from the begining there are errors once I show the Assistance Editor window. It doesn't show anything and there are 3 errors that show up. The first two correct with a couple simple clicks but the third I have no idea how to correct. Below is what is shown on the screen already there.


        if (savePanel.runModal() == .OK) {
                            if var path = savePanel.url {
                                if (path.pathExtension != "gif") {
                                    path = path.appendingPathExtension("gif")
                                try data.write(to: path, options: [])
                                print("Saved to \(path)")


        Line 01 has the error message: Type of expression is ambiguous without more context.


        How do I correct this?


        Thank you.