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        I would like to load my detectionImages from dropbox. The route I've chosen is to load the image using CGImageCreate and then change it to an ARReferenceImage with initWithCGImage.


        I add the ARReferenceImage to a NSMutableSet<ARReferenceImage *>


        When I assign this set to configuration.detectionImages it fails to recognize the images.


        When I store the same images in Assets.xcassets and load them with referenceImagesInGroupNamed then they do get recognized and it all works fine.


        The documentation states that xcode does some preprocessing to the images. I suspect that this is what would be missing when I load the images on the fly.

        But then I wonder what is the use of having the option to generate an ARReferenceImage with initWithCGImage.


        Can someone point me in the right direction?