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        My tvOS App has not been updated since the XCode 7 (maybe 8) - now, using XCode 9, I open a XIB with a UITableViewCell (or, create a new UITableViewCell in a new project - same thing) - the depiction of the cell and its subviews in IB is crazy. Details follow about each crazy thing I am seeing.


        1. This seems like a big one - the "contentView" in the table view cell is always more narrow than the width of the tableview cell it is contained in - maybe I am expecting things to work like iOS, I've made hundreds of custom table view cells for iOS Apps, is there some conceptual difference with tvOS I am missing? The content view is created automatically by IB. If I set my table view cell width to be 1920, the contentView is always 1700. As seen here. (https://i.imgur.com/vNSDlOh.png).



        2. When I select any object in IB, it displays that objects frame offset to the left, while rendering the content of the object to the right, as seen here.


        Note here, you can see the 8 anchor points for the 4 corners and 4 sides of the selected collection view, but you can see the constraints cause the collection view to be centered, and, you can also see the actual position of the collection view rendered as a light-gray/whiteish rectangle in the center of the cell! The anchor points and the blue selection rect are offset to the left by 110px (which is half the distance left over in the "margin" to the right where the content view fails to extend fully the width of the cell view, as described above!).



        3. This last screenshot (https://i.imgur.com/GmpeodK.png) shows the title label and the collection view selected - note again that the selection rect and the anchor points for the UILabel are offset to the left of where the lable is actually rendered.


        I've been working with IB for iOS Apps since 2012 (and before that without IB) and I have never seen anything like this. And, when I first developed this tvOS App 2 years ago, I am certain this was not the state of things with IB, I am certain at the time it was a WYSIWIG situation, as it is when designing views for iOS. Has something changed in XCode? Have I failed to account for some new option or setting or layout configuration?



        What gives? How is anyone supposed to use IB under these conditions, or, is this ONLY happening to me (and one other guy 2 years ago: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/88847?q=tvos).