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        I received two emails from Apple over the weekend. One says "Developer ID Installer Certificate Expires in 30 Days". The other says "Developer ID Application Certificate Expires in 30 Days".


        Both emails say I should fix the problem by visiting "Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles".


        The problem is, I don't know what the emails are talking about. There are no certificates, identifiers or profiles with these names that I can find anywhere in the list.


        Is this a case of Apple's email talking about something using words that differ from what is in the actual UI? If so, could someone please tell me exactly what I'm looking for here?


        Also, I'd appreciate an explanation of what these certificates do and what happens when they expire.


        I have been doing iOS development with Xcode and the app store since 2009. In nine years I do not recall ever having to specifically renew any certificates with these names. Is this something new, or are the alerts new, or is Apple just calling it something new; or what?