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        I am using ARKit 1.5 beta to detect vertical plane. How can I go about finding the orientation of detected vertical plane?


        By orientation, I am referring to the rotational angle around y-axis, since vertical plane is paralel to gravity and perpendicular to the x-z plane.


        I have tried the following method:


        // point1 and point 2 are 2 points on the vertical plane I found by performing hit-test with 3d coordinates relative to the world coordinate system
        let vector : SCNVector3 = point1 - point2
        let projection = SCNVector3Make(vector.x, 0.0, vector.z).normalized() // project vector onto x-z plane
        let xVector = SCNVector3Make(1, 0, 0)
        let angle = xVector.angleBetweenVectors(projection)


        func angleBetweenVectors(_ vectorB:SCNVector3) -> Float {
             let cosineAngle = (dotProduct(vectorB) / (magnitude * vectorB.magnitude))
             return Float(acos(cosineAngle))


        This method does not give me the correct orientation. I also wonder if I can find orientation through anchor.worldTransform.

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          I am also looking for help with this issue. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm able to detect vertical planes and attach nodes to them, but in the case of placing a flat object like a photo or video the plane I'm not entirely sure how to rotate/angle the node to match the detected plane.