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        Our app's build process builds a .xcarchive, then exports that to a .ipa for internal distribution to testers.


        I am finding it impossible to symbolicate crash logs that testers provide. The problem is that the exportArchive process changes the UUIDs of the executables, and they no longer match the .dSYM UUIDs in the archive.


        I looked to see if there are new dSYMs in the .ipa, but no. The export directory contains a Packaging.log file and this contains several entries like:


        warning: Cannot genarte useful dsym from input macho file: /var/folders/lb/mq_07k7s7kbbbkx448dprstr0000gn/T/ipatool20180201-54548-1v2lhdj/thinned/armv7/Payload/MyApp.app/MyApp


        So maybe it is trying to create new dSYM but failing.


        How can I use xcodebuild exportArchive and get matching .dSYMs for symbolication use?