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        Apple announces the brand new shiny Heatlh app with the new Health Records capablity.  This is all lashed to FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a REST based text exchange protocol for healthcare data. Woo hoo.




        So they add the following data to HK:

        • Allergies
        • Clincial Vitals - "what the clinic says" vs "what Withings says" I suppose
        • Conditions
        • Immunizations
        • Lab Results
        • Medications
        • Proceedures


        None of this is presented in the HealthKit.framework headers:



        So how to get something like HKCategoryTypeIdentifierAllergyMedication to add such values from an app on the device?


        I certainally hope that the interface and data elements are not locked to medical institutions... my medical data belongs to me, not my doctor... I let my doctor borrow it.