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        It has been a while since I started thinking about making my next application accessible for blind users. It is extreamely diffcult to find resources to get started in accessible design. I thought that I am not the only one who explores this subject and there are many people who have questions about accessibility and accessible design, but there is no centralized place where we could ask our questions.


        That is why I made a proposition on Stackexchange (Stackoverflow mother website) to start a section dedicated to accessibility. To be accepted, it needs to be supported by other developers. That is why I thought a good place to seek support would be the Apple support community. Do take a look. I think a lot of developers (and users) could benefit from such a resource.

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          The link goes to:



          This proposal has been deleted.

          Proposals with insufficient activity are subject to removal. Occasionally, proposals may also be removed for reasons of moderation: spam, off topic, abuse, etc. For more information, see the FAQ.



          The above message from SO kinds of sums up how hard it is to find support for developing accessibility related apps.


          Apple REALLY needs to double down, and make providing resources and support for accessible applications far more accessible.  More often than not, the documentation is several years out of date, they depricate things, and leave no indication of what is replacing them.

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            It is true that there is no better platform than this. Thanks for It.


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