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        Our application collects charities and donations. We send payment/amount/card details back to server which processes the payment via stripe.

        No external link (safari) was opened for payment neither SMS service used for donation.

        So my App was rejected from App store.

        What steps or alternate methods we can follow to collect donations/ charities.



        Currently our mobile app is capturing the information about which campaign/cause user want to support by making donation. Next screen capture user credit card information and pass all the information to server using https. server pass that information to stripe and if stripe signals back with success response that is passed back to mobile. As apple policy said open in safari, can we do that one server send payment response success message to app and we show campaign details, donation details along with thank you note in safari.


        we spents months developing the app and now hit by this policy so we are looking what option take less development efforts to put our app on store before our deadline expires.