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        Hi friend,


        In Apple's sample code: metronome,



        We want to pass parameters from ViewController.m within " - (IBAction)buttonPressed:(UIButton*)sender " to Metronome.swift within "

        init(withTempo tempo: Float32) {

                super.init() "


        Besides Tempo, we also want to pass another paramter: timeSignature, we tried the following 3 methods in swift file but all failed:

        init(withTempo tempo: Float32, withTimeSign timeSign: Int32)

            init(withTempo tempo: Float32, timeSign: Int32)

                 init(tempo: Float32, timeSign: Int32)

        and some methods like following in Objective C file, which also failed:

        if (tempo != nil && timeSign != nil) { /

                    // metronome = [[Metronome alloc] initWithTempo:tempo.floatValue];  this works to pass only one parameter

                    metronome = [[Metronome alloc] initWithTempo:tempo.floatValue withTimeSign:timeSign.floatValue];

                    metronome = [[Metronome alloc] initWithTempo:tempo.floatValue timeSign:timeSign.floatValue];

                } else {

        Please help, thanks!