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        Hi all,


        I've been unsuccessfully trying to find information on how cable/streaming apps on tvOS (an/or iOS) integrate their content catalogs with Apple's TV app. Is there a framework or API for this? Or does this happen outside of the app through some sort of server communication? Can someone point me in the right direction?

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          Video Subscriber Account

          tvOS 10 introduces the Video Subscriber Account framework (VideoSubscriberAccount.framework) to help apps that support authenticated streaming or authenticated video on demand (also known as TV Everywhere) authenticate with their cable or satellite TV provider. Using the APIs in this framework can help you support a single sign-in experience in which users sign in once to unlock access in all of the streaming video apps that their subscription supports.


          Found that here https://developer.apple.com/library/content/releasenotes/General/WhatsNewinTVOS/Articles/tvOS10.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40017259-SW1

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              I only found information there regarding authentication and account management for "TV Everywhere" services.


              My app works in conjunction with a DVB-S/DVB-C receiver running Enigma 2 OS (like Vu+, Dreambox, and others). The app connects to the receiver, gathers information like available services and currently running shows. I would like to integrate my app into TV.app so the user is able to see, which services and shows (and recorded shows) are currently available and can be directly streamed from their own receiver. I think, this would give the user an even better experience when TV.app not only includes services provided through the Internet but also services provided by his/her own DVB receiver in their private local network.


              So far only the HIG is mentioning, how the transition from TV.app to 3rd party apps should work - but there is no documentation, how my app can be integrated into TV.app and which way it can provide information for use in TV.app.


              As result users of my App never use TV.app but use my App directly as they prefer not to stream from the internet but from their own receiver inside their local network. Keep in mind - in some areas internet connection is too poor to provide video streaming at a suitable quality level and often TV stations provide streams through the internet with poor quality compared to the streams they broadcast via DVB-S/DVB-C.


              So - how can I integrate my App into TV.app?

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              I know it has been a long time but might be helpful to somebody else since it took me very long time to find this.


              I believe what you are looking for is described in this video.




              In short, it is done on server side with apple XML feeds. Cannot be done locally with a framework.