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        When you have the device locked and connect it to the CarPlay head unit via, USB, the device remains locked.

        Then, on the CarPlay screen on the head unit, you select the app.

        When the device starts, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions is called from the app delegate, and also applicationDidEnterBackground.

        But, applicationWillEnterForeground is not called. The app doesn't enter the foreground.

        At this point, when the app attempts to make network calls,  no network requests are sent.

        The app remains in the background until device is unlocked.


        Can anyone tell me what the lifecycle is for CarPlay audio app?

        I'm not sure that background fetch is the way to go, since that is for limited time to complete tasks before shutting down the app.

        Is there somehing that I'm missing in the lifecycle?

        I've seen that this scenario works in other audio CarPlay apps, like Spotify.