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        I choose to physically unlock phone rather than enabling anything to be accessed from lock screen. Is there a reason why every time I go touch id/passcodes section of settings that the setting for home control is always checked even though I’ve never physically turned this on? I could check everyday, and everyday its on. Not even sure what place to file under, any feedback appreciated thanks.

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          hi NeedDEVhelp I’m sorry I’m a couple of years late... thought I’d reply in case you get notifications (as I doubt you’ll come back here to check) In answer to your question: yes, there is a reason; it’s Apple’s marketing strategy. The issue (bug?) you describe has been an iOS feature since iOS 11. I’ve got in touch with Apple Support on countless occasions; half the times, the support “specialists” don’t even know what I’m talking about, whereas the other half they can’t come up with an answer and simply direct me to report a bug... which I have been doing, for over 2 years now. But despite the half dozens updates, Apple’s not “fixing” anything. I can only hope that their marketing strategy has been weighed against the risks which may be posed by any back-door vulnerabilities involved.