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        I have a corporate training app built in Unity3D.  It is designed to be used by all employees in a company.  The company training administrator needs to view reports showing employee progress - time in course, quiz scores etc.


        I want to export data from each ios user device, using the WWW class, to our server.  The training administrator will be able to view report data via our web site, using our reporting page.


        This is all standard stuff for training, as anyone using SCORM or TinCan knows.


        However, Apple has this in it's T & C:
        "2.5.2 Apps should be self-contained in their bundles, and may not read or write data outside the designated container area"


        How am I supposed to build reports that don't violate this condition?


        Thank you for any advice.

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          In that context, data is code.


          Reports are content, and since they can't affect app function, they are not considered a violation of 2.5.2

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              Thank you very much for your prompt reply KMT. The second reporting issue is:


              2.4.5(vi) They may not present a license screen at launch, require license keys ...


              In order to carry out reporting for a specific company, users need to log on with a company code.  This allows report data for that user to be sent to the server, for access by the correct company training administrator.  We intend to have an "Administrator" app, wherein a company administrator purchases a license, to send out a company code to his/her employees and to gain access to reporting for all employees.  A "User" app will allow entry of this code to enter the training.


              Does this approach violate the clause above?

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                  2.4.5 only applies to apps distributed via the MAS.


                  You seem to indicate above that you use iOS apps (?) to generate output, and viewing is done via web browser linked to your server(s).


                  Note: Seems off topic for this forum...perhaps better suited for Enterprise Distribution, (in which case the ASRGs don't apply), since you stated you are making a ' corporate training app', where the output will be 'company administrator' facing, both of which imply internal use by employees, where the App Store is typically not involved.

                  ...or Distribution/App Store, again, depending on your definition of 'user' and how you intend the iOS app to be distributed. If you care to move it, you can try the 'Actions' menu, up on the right.

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                      Thank you.  I am very new to the Apple environment.  I have developed the app on a PC with Unity3D and have just moved it to my new Mac.  I'm building the app for IOS (as well as Android).


                      I have a small company and am developing the app to be used by large companies.  Previously we had an MS PC only application.  It was used by many large corporations around the world.  We are in the process of moving it to mobiles.


                      I gather the Enterrise Distribution is intended for large companies distributing their own apps in house?


                      Yes, the report output will be generated on IOS devices and sent to our server.  I assume you are saying this is OK?



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                              >I assume you are saying this is OK?


                          I'm saying sure, ok, but, I'm also saying that what you do in terms of the ASRGs might not matter.


                          I'd like to see you slow down and better understand your distribution options first, well before biasing any details against the ASRGs.


                          Do you intend to sell

                          - your app directly to end users via the App Store, or

                          - directly to companies (perhaps via the B2B App Store) who will then distribute it to their employees who will use the app internally?


                          Or just somehow distribute it to those companies, essentially between only you/them, perhaps working as a consultant, or...?

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                              Our previous approach with our MS PC training application, was to sell to corporations directly.  We were very successful with our "corporate license".  It covered all employees for an organisation, even though many may not use it.  We had around 500,000 licensed users in total around the world.  Customers jumped at the corporate license because it gave better pricing and they didn't have to worry about it being used with unlicensed employees.  We also had an annual support fee.


                              Our previous model doesn't seem to be able to be accommodated with mobiles.  From my understanding, your B2B program requires that businesses have enrolled. It also seems orientated to custom apps. "Custom B2B apps will appear ...".  Ours is a generic corporate training app, suitable for companies of all sizes in all industries.  I also read somewhere that your volume pricing only applies to companies based in US?  We are in Australia.


                              Consequently, we are feeling our way.  Our current thought is 3 separate mobile apps: the demo (3 course modules), a personal version with no logon (all 54 course modules), and a corporate version with logon and reporting (all modules).  The latter will have a course administrator and an employee buy-in.  We also have a WebGL version for PC's.  We have discovered a difficulty with this is that the obsolete IE is still very common in corporates, and it is not yet fully supported on mobiles.  The corporate IOS version will also allow free PC WebGL access, to allow employees to use the training on mobiles on the way to work, and to continue on (non IE) PCs in the office.  All employee course report data is sent to our server, whether from IOS, Android, network install, or WebGL.


                              In the past we did use many distributors and resellers around the world.  We do not want to take this approach again.  We will do all selling directly.


                              In summary, I am very open to suggestions as to our best approach.  Thank you very much for your help.

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                                      >your B2B program


                                  Not 'mine'. I'm just a developer. Anyone associated with Apple has an   icon next to their name.


                                      >We will do all selling directly.


                                  I'll make some assumptions on your use of 'directly', so...


                                  If that means directly selling them buildable apps/projects one-on-one, just you and those companies, they can then use an Enterprise Progam account (see the Programs link above) and whichever authorized distribution (MDM) scheme fits their needs. No need for the store & ASRGs at all.


                                  If that means directly to them via the app store, then read on.


                                  'custom B2B' is simply a B2B variant where a developer has an app that is customized, branded, etc. for each company it sells to, where it may otherwise have the same basic functions, as what is sold to another company. It doesn't matter if you qualify different buyers that end up purchasing an identical app or not.


                                  The program allows you to use Apple's ecosystem to sell your app, away from public view. Expect the ASRGs to apply. If, however, you think your app(s) would have such broad appeal that the general public can be targeted (from how you describe them, App Review's opinion may be to push you to VPP/B2B, tho), then you can try the store at large, perhaps with In App Purchase, or as a bundle, etc. where again, the ASRGs would be in effect.


                                       >We are in Australia.


                                  B2B/VPP is available outside the US, including Australia - see https://images.apple.com/business/docs/VPP_Business_Guide.pdf


                                  "Multinational support

                                  VPP apps can be assigned to devices or users in any country where the app is available, enabling multinational distribution for your enterprise. Developers can make their apps available in multiple countries through the standard App Store publishing process in iTunes Connect, so purchases must be made in
                                  a country where the VPP store is available.



                                  The Volume Purchase Program is available in the following countries or regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States."



                                  Also see:


                                  Good luck.



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                                      Thanks again Ken.


                                      I should mention that whatever approach we take, it would be easier if we could do a similar approach under Android.


                                      The biggest question of all of course is whether people will like our app and buy it ... which of course comes to pricing.  Our competitors are only on PCs, all use 'pop-out' 'page turning' e-learning and priced around $1500 per user.  There's over 40 of them and they all look horrible.  I have no idea of how much they manage to sell ... not much I feel.  Of course on mobiles, price expectations are a couple of dollars.  Ours looks great but who knows what people are prepared to pay.  We'll move carefully.


                                      Wishing you the very best for the New Year,



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                                      Hi dradb,


                                      can you maybe share which route did you go? I am facing the same problem.