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        We've just completed testing for an app that allows victims of domestic violence to better plan their escape and document important information that they'll need once they do. In order to protect the user, the app appears to be a very innocent, genetic app that displays information that wouldn't be of interest to the abuser; that also gives the individual plausible deniability for having the seemingly-innocent app.


        We just had it denied because the description doesn't reveal the hidden feature. However, we can't reveal that feature in the description because it would ruin the user's sense of plausible deniability and make it very easy for the abuser to discover (and stop) the indended escape.


        How can we distribute this app? Initially, we thought we could keep it off the app store entirely and distribute it through our site and network of shelters and safe houses, but we can't find a way to do that (or is that the affiliate or enterprise program?). If we have to host it on the apple store, can we do it without tipping off the abuser?